Wings Over Long Beach

My brother, Chris, and I climbed through this massive C-17 under brown skies this Sunday. You could see the smoke plumes from the Brea wildfires in the distance while the ash left a burning sensation in your nose and mouth. The show also included an aerial tanker complete with engine cozies, a 1961 vintage B-52 Stratofortress, an F-14 fighter (all in military gray), a curvy flying boat and a mint DC-3. We also got to watch the thundering, behemoth C-17 take off.

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Is it Amsterdam?

Willemstad, CuracaoThis lovely waterfront scene is Willemstad, Curacao. I recently visited this beautiful little island on a ship with 2000 gay men. Unlike many other Caribbean islands where we are greeted with minimal tolerance (our money is green like everyone else’s) or occasionally disdain and even hostility, Curacao welcomed our group with open arms and a party in our honor.
The island was a former Dutch colony and now depends on its large oil refinery (due to its very close proximity to Venezuela) and tourism. It is one of the most beautiful of the Southern Caribbean islands that I have visited. The capital, pictured here, is an odd combination of trendy stores, floating farmers’ market, wildly varying architectural styles, high-style natives, and tanned ex-pats.
The beaches are stunning (powdery white sand), the people friendly, and the fish is delicious!
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