Tears of a clown.

Well, we did it again! We re-elected a President because of his superior morals. I guess sending 1100 people to their deaths in a personal vendetta is less immoral than a stained blue dress. Or going AWOL versus not inhaling. This, plus six states voting to prevent gay marriage, really gives me faith in the people of the great nation of ours.

Thanks for voting!

Scary monsters

It’s funny that Halloween is only a few days before Election Day this year. I find the two days have far more in common this year than ever before. Both seem to be about putting on false personas and scaring the crap out of people. The level of noise this election has been so high as to almost obliterate any useful or productive discussion of any real issues. What about the debt, rising healthcare costs, national security, equal rights? We continue to tell ourselves that we live in the best nation in the world, but it has been and could be better. We are wasteful, ignorant, selfish, self-righteous, spoiled, and arrogant. We’ve squandered our strength, the world’s natural resources, and the goodwill of a hundred years.

No matter what happens this election, we need to rediscover our basic values. We must put young people and education first. We must not allow fat-ass CEOs to get paid millions while their employees can’t pay for healthcare. We must protect our natural resources. We must treat all people with the same rights and respect we ourselves expect. We must not see dissent as disloyalty.

So…GO OUT AND VOTE! No matter who or what you vote for, make your voice heard.